September 17, 2012

Daddy is missing it all.....

[back dated April 26th 2005]If you are following my blog then you know that my soldier is in the field for 5 weeks. Tonight is another example of things us wives go through being military wives and having children. Tonight is our son Andrew's very first t-ball game. And not only did our soldier have to miss coaching his son's t-ball team he will miss every game and practice. Yes, you may be saying to yourself well he is the one that signed up for this job. And then in the same breathe I will say this is not something that I signed up for. I know the military(for now) is my soldier's job. BUT I do think that it is so unfair that they are pulled away from their families and everything that their children do. Soldier's miss out on SO MANY mile stones, that can't be taken back. They will only get to say oh yeah I remember that time when I was not there. And oh yeah that time too I was in the field, or deployed, or working late hours preparing to be deployed.
I am not bitching so don't take it that way. I am telling ya how it is, how it really is. Soldier's with wives and children are like single soldiers. We the wives are left here filling in for the daddies, putting on the boots too. It is not always easy either. Like this morning our son saying mom will daddy be here to see me play. And then me having to tell him no because he is in the field. Then having my son reply oh oh so he can fight the bad guys. I knew when my hubby re-joined the military he would be away from the home from time to time. But in the entire time he has been back in, we have had him maybe four months. And he is only on two years back now. That is not fair or right! They say they are trying to make this a more family friendly Army, but I have yet to see it. I think the Army thinks if they line up childcare, and after school programs, trips, camps and other things for the children that will supplement all the lost family time that it makes the families happier. But for me that is not family oriented or enough time together as a family. The wives are the ones doing all the family time. Going on the trips, going to the games, going to the school functions. Explaining to the children where their daddies are all the time.
Letting the soldier daddies that just spent 15-18 months away from there families and giving them actually time to get back some of the time they lost, that is family time. Having the kids see their daddy soldier's everyday not working late into the evenings, that is family time. You want happier soldier's, ones that want to stay in and make careers out the military, then you really make it more family oriented. So yeah maybe now I am bitching, but I feel like I need too. I am upset today that our soldier already missed HUGE milestones in our children's lives. To now be missing our son's t-ball games which is something my soldier has been waiting on for along time.
I am really hoping and praying that we get out here. I do not want to put our children through another 12-15 months deployment without their daddy. Right now is the most important time for all three of them to have daddy here. Hoping that America WAKES up and pushes Bush to get our TROOPS out of Iraq and HOME to their families. This has to stop!!!!!! Some how or some way. We did what Bush wanted and got Saddam out of power, now give the Iriaqi's their country back and get our soldier's out of there. Let the Iriaqi's take over and re-build.
Okay I am going to stop before I start really start pouring my feelings about BUSH!
Upset Army wife here today that my soldier is missing yet another important time in our children's lives. If you are going to leave a comment about well this is your husband's job blah blah blah I know that already and THANK YOU for reminding me of that!
Hugs and Prayers

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