September 17, 2012

Thought This Was Kinda Neat:)

[back dated April 29th 2005]I was sitting and reading our newspaper here European and Pacific Stars and Stripes Weds April 27th 2005 and came across this article titled:Marriage By Mail. As I started reading it, I said to myself NOW this is something EVERY state should ALLOW and start doing for the soldiers and their girlfriends or fiance'. Here is a little but of the article:
After several soldiers in his unit were killed last November, Lt. Ping, of the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, worried about his 22-year-old fiancee's future if he were injured or killed before they were married. The pair had been planning a traditional ceremony for months before his deployment in April 2003.
"If you're not married, it's a lot harder to get on posts, and it's harder to get help," Jamie Ping said. "There are support groups if you're married. This just made him more comfortable, in case anything were to happen."
S&B Inc. owners Sam and Barbara Geller said that's exactly the scenario they were thinking about when they launched their business in early 2004.
We see a number of cases where a woman is pregnant or has a small child," he said. "You want them to have access to the full military benefits." Most of their clients had their dream weddings pushed back because of military deployment, and are anxious for the legal recognition even if the traditional walk down the aisle is still months away

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very good, maybe someone can get this started so that more soldiers can get married to their sweethearts downrange. Now that is bringing the JOY to the soldiers and their families left behind.
Okay thanks for reading, thought this was worth sharing.. I know if this were my soldier and I we would of done this ASAP if he were deployed and we weren't married yet!!!!!!! About time something like this happens.
Hugs and Prayers

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