September 17, 2012

We HAve Orders-woohoo!

[back dated April 29th 2005] Location
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So I checked the status of orders this morning after speaking to my hubby. And I typed in his information and BOOM our ORDERS were there. They got there April 27th-Weds. Needless to say I hurried and called hubby back and said GUESS WHAT they are there. He said THEY ARE and let out a big ol scream-hehe
So now we wait till he gets out of the field and start getting things in order to get out here before they STOP LOSS us. Which we still aren't sure the date they are starting it. We heard August but they could move it up to July. We don't know. My soldier and I do know that we will get our HHG and car out here ASAP. So that we are not stuck in the STOP LOSS. I would HATE to get all this and then be STOPLOSSED. Anyway I am so excited, a lot more then I thought I would be. Not getting to excited till I see the German movers pull up and are boxing up my stuff for the boat. Then you can bet your bottom dollar I will be so excited that I just can't hide. I will lose control and I think I will like it-hehe
Okay just sharing, we are a few steps closer to getting to Hawaii and out of here before my soldier redeploys again.
Keep you updated as I find things out.

Of course I left all his information BLANK in his orders, you know I can't give you EVERY detail on them!
Hugs and Prayers

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