September 17, 2012

Follow up to the BABY BOOM Story =)

[back dated April 26th 2005]BAUMHOLDER, Germany It was pretty much like any other baby shower goofy games, cake, fruit punch and lots of mom talk.
Except there were hundreds of pregnant women in battle dress uniforms or civvies milling about with men in tow, not to mention dozens of people at dozens of booths and displays giving away goodies, everything from strollers and bath-and-body sets to diaper bags and a new washer-and-dryer set.
The shower had to be a big deal because this 1st Armored Division base just north of the Ramstein/Kaiserslautern complex is looking at the biggest baby boom anyone can remember. Typically, the base might have one or two births each month, said Lt. Col. Mike Money, chief nurse for the health clinic and family nurse practitioner. But health care personnel here estimate the birth rate will jump to 40 births per month during the next five months, with as many as 350 babies born by the end of the year, said Money, who came up with the "Iron Stork" tag for the shower.
There are all sorts of possibilities to explain the boom. But Money and others are pretty certain that soldiers and spouses are making up for lost time after the 1st AD's Iraq deployment from April 2003 to July 2004. And Baumholder, the largest combat arms base outside the United States, is home to a lot of young families.
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