September 17, 2012

He is gone now for 5 weeks =(

[back dated April 24th 2005]So I dropped my soldier off Saturday morning to head to the field for 5 weeks. He just went a month a ago and is now back again. I woke him at 2:45 AM and we left here by 3:15 AM. We were going to grab the commander on our way but he was not ready-hehe  Stopped off at the shopette so he could grab last minute things then off to check weapons. When I dopped him off yesterday he had put my ID card in his pocket, I think he was still asleep-lol. So when I went through the gate to get into our housing I had no ID card. I had to go to the MP station and tell them what had happened and they went ahead and called me into the main gate. I found my soldier and got my ID card. It was strange seeing him with his weapon. I am not use to that. I gave the commander a hard time(lol) and drove hubby over to his work. He and only two others guys from his work are heading down, the rest follow later this month. We said our good-byes again and I headed home. It was 4:35 AM when I got home. Our ID cards are our lives here on post. If you do not have yours you can not get into your housing, the stores, NOTHING. My soldier said sorry babe, I wasn't thinking and stuck it in my pocket. I knew that though. He did not get hardly any sleep, so I knew he would forget something. Just didn't know it would be my ID card-lol
So he will be in the field for 5 weeks, then home. We are going to be setting everything up soon as he gets here. So I know from the time he gets home from the field I will be one busy women getting everything done. I am sitting here thinking now I have a weeks worth of painting to do. Which I do not mind, I love doing stuff like that. But it will be one thing I will want to get finished now so we can focus on the more important things, like getting on housing and making restorations at the hotels at both posts. And getting our household goods out of here ASAP. Yes, I am already making my check list and will be checking it ten times-lmao.
Alright so my soldier called me and told me that he made it to the field. Said it was a very long drive. He must have his internet up and running because I had gotten an e-mail from him already this morning. Thought it would be a few days but guess not. When he goes to the field he still calls and e-mails me everyday. Silly cause we act like we just met or something but helps pass the time and keep us close to one another. Plus I miss not hearing his voice so it helps. The kids also like having him say goodnight and stuff. Thank goodness he is able to e-mail and call as often. If he had a different job then I would not be so lucky.
Okay so we had this thing called Community Clean Up where the soldier got off work to help do some spring cleaning around the housing. Well my soldier was re-upping and then went to the field so he did not do his part. They had posted a sign down on the front door saying so and so apartments did not do their part and to report by 1200 to the buidling coordinator. Well I did not leave yesterday so I did not see the sign. Now we are getting a counseling statement, which I think is BS. Today I had to mop the stairwell, which I did and do everyweek. Our jobs change. But this community clean up and missing it, come on now! I know soon as tell my soldier he is going to call our BC and explain it to him. Ridiculious. I swear!
So our FRG had civilian day where the soldiers could pay 2 bucks and where civilian clothes to work. Well we made 167 bucks from it-woohoo. Now we can plan something for the guys coming home from the field. I think once this FRG gets up off the ground it will be great! It has some bumps still that need worked out, but we are getting there.
Okay well today is Sunday and almost dinner time for us here so I am going to get the kids feed and to baths and to bed. We start a new week of school and t-ball and meetings. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs and prayers to anyone with deployed soldiers.

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