September 17, 2012


[back dated April 22nd 2005]Yesterday April 21st my soldier made it "official" he reenlisted for another four years. I was unable to attend with him and take pictures, so all I have is his certificates. But when he re-upped he chose Hawaii. We got it! We have a report date to be this summer. Which for us is WONDERFUL, it means we get out of Germany and my soldier will miss his second deployment back to Iraq. Also we know we will be in Hawaii for the four years. And this base NEVER deploys. If so it is only for maybe 4 months rotations and not to IRAQ! So yes, I am both relieved and excited. Also too we found out soon as our orders were cut to ship our household goods ASAP. So when my soldier returns from the field in 5 weeks we are going to set up EVERYTHING.. household goods, our car, tickets, housing. And then wait a few months and LEAVE. I am still soaking this all in. I don't want to be so hyped about leaving here and then BOOM my world comes crashing down. So still a bit cautious. But VERY VERY excited too!!!!!
I am having mixed emotions about leaving this duty station. I have made five VERY close WONDERFUL friends! They all have their soldiers returning to Iraq, and I feel like a trader leaving and not being here to go through it with them. But then on the other hand I am thankful that my soldier is not going back into harms way. I guess it really is true what they say about being a military wife, you make really close friendships and then two or three years later you wind up moving away from them. I knew and thought I would be ready for all this making friends and leaving them BUT I see I AM NOT ready. I sat here thinking last night I will be gone and they will be here and all I will have is messenger and e-mails and letters. Not the same as popping in and seeing their faces, or spending the weekend shopping with them =( This is just another example of the life we lead which is so much different than the civilian friends that will have one another forever!
Alright, well my soldier got the day off and he ran into work real quick. I told him that I wouldn't be on the computer when he returns. That way we can go do something, he leaves tomorrow so having some family time today. And to top it off it is a beautiful sunny day. We bought a t-ball stand and bases so we are going to go play a family t-ball with our kids. This will also let our son get some practice in before his first game Tuesday. My soldier is very unhappy that he will missing his son play t-ball. That is something military families have to face and deal with. All the time the soldier is away doing HIS JOB and not home. It is totally different then if he held a civilian job. Anyway, god bless and take care.
Hugs and prayers

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