September 17, 2012

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY for hubby

[back dated April 20th 2005]Tomorrow my soldier will be re-enlisting, and from what he told me it is looking like we will be leaving Europe in July and unto our new duty station. Now he is going to try for a slot in Hawaii again and if they have a slot open and we get it then we are good to go. And I think if we get that duty station and the nice sign on bonus now then we will be in paradise for one month living the good life until hubby has to report to his new duty station which would be in August. We would leave here in July, if he gets Hawaii. So after I find out tomorrow I will be blogging it =) And yes, we are hoping to get out of Germany ASAP.
My soldier is leaving for the field. It is going to be a lonely time for me again. Yes I have children, yes they keep me "BUSY" but  busy with other things, my hubby keeps me going and is my lifeline and does stuff for me our children can't... That and the fact that we are very close, I really feel like half of my heart is missing when he is gone. I lay in bed awake for hours thinking about him, tossing and turning. I roll over and keep touching his pillow as if he were going to appear out the thin air. I play all our love songs we have dedicated to one another. I spray his scent on a shirt and wear it around the house. I read old cards and letters we have written. Yeah some of it sounds silly. yeah it only little over a month. But when you just had the love of your life fighting in Iraq, you take EVERY single second you have with them now.
Time is the most precious gift that a married military couple have. If you utterly sit by and let time get away from each other well then your wasting time..... We waste no time together! The war brought my soldier and I closer then EVER. We do not take anything or anytime for granted. Yes, I have mommy time. But during the week and date nights is for him. This field time is also getting longer then before so makes it a lot harder for my soldier and I to deal with. 
I am just really praying tomorrow things go in the direction that my soldier wants them too and gets him out here ASAP. I would love to see him NOT  return for a second deployment so soon.... As would all the wives. These second deployments are harder then the first,I think. And it doesn't help that my soldier says he has a BAD feeling about this one =(
And to top it off the base we are going to my soldier will not be looking at Iraq for at least another 3+ years, now that is something I can deal with.....We were talking about where we wanted for our duty station next and our eldest and I wanted Cali but hubby would have to deploy soon after arriving. Hawaii seems the best place, and we are all in agreement. So tonight the three of us decided tomorrow when he goes in to re-up he is going to chose Hawaii and know we all got his back on it! He REALLY wants to live in Hawaii. So this will be awesome if he gets it.
Okay so we had our FRG meeting the other night, well last night. Got some things worked out about the newsletter for our FRG and also some other things. We had a nice little turn out. I was hoping more wives would of showed up, but hey we take what we can get right. There are about four of us doing a lot of work to try to get this FRG off the ground and be a good running FRG. I am really glad that even if we are small, that we all have the same focus. Making sure we have a good FRG!!!!!! I think it is critical. So slowly but surely it is coming together-woohoo =)
Okay well we did a lot of talking and I see it is getting close to bedtime. I will enjoy the next couple of days with my soldier, hubby has Friday off so we will go on a date night before he heads out to the field. I bought him an entire MAINE lobster and I am going to make him a lobster dinner with cornbread and a baked potato and steamed veggies. His FAVORITE is LOBSTER. So treating him to a treat. And I sneaked and looked and saw he got me some Mother's Day Stuff that he hid in our daughter's closet-sneaky sneaky(lol) I happen to come across all it by accident putting her close away-OOPS. But glad he thought ahead and got me somethings. Love my hubby. He never forgets about me and is always thinking of me. You rock babe. Yes, when you read this when your in the field. I FOUND MY GIFTS(THANK YOU)hehe
okay heading to bed now. Have a wonderful day, and check back tomorrow to see where we are heading and when!!!!!!
hugs and prayers

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