September 17, 2012

It's Been Awhile

[back dated April 18th 2005]I have neglected this blog for a few days, well 5 to exact. And I am sorry about that. I found some WONDERFUL articles on Army Times, but I can not add them here. I will try to find them and put here, as I think they are well worth being read. I was busy working on a new family site for my hubby and kids. But now I am done and back on track with this blog. I really enjoy blogdrive blogs.. I was going to start one on the other site I was building my family site, however I really like this site much better. So I am staying put! What has been going on. Well my soldier had to pull CQ last night, but I "guess" they got things worked out so now my soldier will not to be pulling CQ every other night.. I guess it does help if you do your job well and they notice when your not around. Good job babe, glad they miss you at work well enough that your bosses would put in some complaints and get some things done. my soldier is TIRED. And they have field time coming up now. So no family time for us. I went to FRG training today, and have it tomorrow also. Then I have POC-point of contact class on May 30th. I found out TONS and TONS of information. Stuff I did not even have one clue where to even start. But taking this class today sure did fill in the blanks I have been having on some issues. Tomorrow will be just as good I hope. I really want to make sure that I am fully active in my hubby's unit FRG and that we show them tons of support when they deploy for round two....... Speaking of returning to Iraq, one of my good friends had her hubby return from downrange and he is all messed up now. They diagnosed him with PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is taking it very hard. She something so sad, that when she looks into her husband's eyes she knows he in there somewhere, but outside he is a changed man. She does not know this soldier now. They are currently separated. But had he not had to go to Iraq for the year, they would still be married and be happily married. This war has changed many lives.. Not just the soldiers lives, but also the wives and children of these soldiers coming home with PTSD. And we as wives will NEVER know what the guys truly went through when we first took Baghdad, caught Saddam, shoot his sons and have live 24-7 on the hint they could die at anytime. I feel awful for my friend and the friends I know that will have to deal with this. We all know war is NEVER a pretty thing, but I am still so confused why we went there. That the loss of the soldiers families and the haunting nightmares they have to relive, well that is not worth it, not AT ALL. I will stop now before I start going off on this WAR that our commander in chief wanted and GOT. But this is just another sad story that will fall to the way side and be forgotten. But my friend's life is now changed forever and her children now have a daddy that went to war and came home someone different. They are VERY confused. As we all are. Alright, well I have to go do some researching for our FRG newsletter. We want to get it out once a month to keep the wives and soldiers informed. So wish me luck, I got tons of ideas today from the training.

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