September 17, 2012

SGT Time Today

[back dated April 7th 2005]Today is Thursday which for us means it is Sgt Time. Time set aside for Sgt's to get some of their stuff done. My soldier has to pull CQ this week, tonight actually. So he will have tomorrow off.  I know he will be tired but he has a three day weekend so he will get caught up on his sleep before he goes back to work on Monday. I really like him being a Sgt, but I do not like that only the Sgt get to pull Cq now. He use to only have it maybe once a month, now he has it over and over throughout the month. I am not really liking that. But hey this is something he has to do so I am getting use to it. Not getting use to him being gone for 24 hours and away but use to him being a Sgt and having to do more. Longer hours at work sometimes and other things. But what can I do about, NOTHING. I don't think I want him making any higher rank. I know if they deploy he will be at least an E-6 working on his E-7 when they come back, and I don't know if I will like that. That will mean even more time away from the family and more duties. I like where he is now. But I know it won't last long. They already tell him he will make his E-6 and then once he makes that I know he will want his E-7. We will see. As it happens I will journal it here. So you will be going through my tribulations with me.

I am still so new to all this military stuff and lifestyle. It takes some getting use to. I did realize that I can only depend on myself to really get everything done. Like in civilian jobs you can call your hubby ask him to stop by the store and grab you some things you need, but here things close down by 7 and if they work late well you will not be getting stuff from the store. And if you want to plan things, sometimes you will have to plan that daddy will not go with us on that trip. He is here but he is not here. And with deployments coming up and field time well he really isn't here. But hey I will take what I can get. And anytime he is here is good for me. Enjoying the minutes and hours I can spend with him. I know now he is going to PLDC so he will be gone almost two months, but he needs to do this to make his E-6 and then he will have to go BNOCC sometime in the near future also. But hey I am preparing myself. If he wants to get ahead then that is what he will have to do, and I support my soldier so I will do it also.

I will hold down the home front while he works on his military career. And I am thinking it high time I get back to my career and finish school for my nursing degree. Plus it will keep me busy. Our little ones are almost in school full time and I need my own career and making some good money, so that when we get out in 7 years we can buy our first home and add all the extra's to it and have money to pay for our eldest college, because I know she will be going to a four year and it will be a good one. So that will cost some bucks. And that happens in only 5 years from now.

Okay I am rambling now. Home alone tonight, but I will make due with a movie and lots of calls to my soldier, hehe

Have a good day

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