September 17, 2012

Good News, but should I be excited?????

[back dated May 7th 2005]Okay well I finally got some news from my soldier about leaving Germany to go our next duty station Hawaii. He said it is GO  that his Major told him they can not STOP LOSS him. He sent me an email last night about 9:30 PM letting me know the good news. However I am little bit hesitant on jumping for joy just yet. I would rather assume we are staying here and he is re-deploying then think we are leaving in few months for Hawaii. So once he is out of the field and is home getting things done and I see things progressing towards a move, then I will JUMP FOR JOY ;) But for now I wanted to post the news since I had gotten hundreds of emails from you wonderful people about the STOP LOSS situation. We have a go!!!!!!!
I also too found out at dinner the other night with one of my best friends that they may also be coming to Hawaii. And if that is true it is going to wonderful. Our girls are best friends, and my friend LOVES LOVES LOVES the beach. And I would love to spend three in Hawaii with her and her the family. So I got a lot of good news this week. I know if my girlfriend winds up there it is going to be good for our daughter's. And my gf is also thinking of living in Cali or Oregon so they will just be up the I-5 corridor for us in Wa State to go see them ;) I think also our daughter's are thinking of colleges in Cali and Wa so it will be nice for my gf and I having the girls close to home.....Hard thinking about your babies getting ready to go college in a few years....
I have made three longtime friendships that will never fade away with three wonderful women. Something I never thought would happen in the military.....I mean wives come and go due to moving around and we make casual friendships to pass the time but I have found three heartfelt caring lasting friendships. And I am so thankful for that. They each carry a piece of my life with them that was when we went through one of the most painful and stressful times in our lives. THE IRAQ WAR. The beginning of the WAR at that! Anyway I just know that no matter what state or country we all live in, I can count on them to be there for and vise versa. The guys forged into stone lifetime friendships being in Iraq and I think a lot of wives that did. I know I did. So I am going off now about friendships and I will stop. I just think it is awesome some of the things I am taking away from the military community, that I would of otherwise never gotten. My girls got my back 24-7! Thank ladies ;) Love ya
Okay this post really had nothing to do with military issues-he he I went off on a tangent. But I will make sure to keep this post about us being STOPLOSSED updated. As things proceed or not I will post about it. Of course I am not mentioning any names. Nor units in my posts.
Nice rainy gloomy Saturday here. I don't want to go or do anything today, just want to stay home and be inside. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's reading this Blog this weekend. You have the GREATEST jobs in the world. And you ROCK
Hugs and Prayers

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