September 17, 2012


[back dated May 3 2005]
So my hubby came on my blog while in he's in the field and saw my anniversary gift I had done for him, you sneaky little man you.....The photo to the right of him and I is the anniversary gift. And well now since he knows about my present I can talk about it. There is a French artist here in Germany at our local Bazzars. He hand draws portraits from photo's for you. In either black and white or in color. They are 250.00 for two and higher the more people you have him draw. I thought this would make be the perfect gift for him for our 8 year wedding anniversary. A portrait of him and I while he was deployed. I grabbed a photo I took for him of me and grabbed a photo he took for me while he was deployed. Think the portrait turned out amazing. Anyway now my soldier knows, and I can't surprise him when he comes home from the field. But I have other surprises up my sleeve. And honey I am so BUMMED that you came here and saw my Blog while your in the field =( I thought you weren't going to read this while your were gone. Oh well I guess I learned a lesson from this one huh babe! Hope you like it. I know everyone thinks it is beautiful. I think it is as beautiful as you.........Still bummed out though that I couldn't surprise you with it! I will get you at some time or some point. I will find a way! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOMETHING AWFUL. Can't wait to hear your voice. Helps keep me going till you come home. How do I live without you-our song ALWAYS babe =)

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