September 17, 2012

To My Military SISTERS :)

back dated May 3 2005]I want to send each of you a personal THANK you. Not only for your very kind words of encouragement but also for all the emails, phone calls and stopping by to see me. IT MEANS SO MUCH! To know that in you I have made my own FAMILY here in Germany. I have sat with this news now two days. It is still sinking in! I am just grateful to have such loving caring friends. I wouldn't want to spend the 12+ month deployment with anyone other then you ladies, if we have to stay here in Germany! I totally appreciate everything everyone has been doing to keep my spirits up. I was remembered how strong a bond we form with other military wives going through deployments and hard times. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am glad some of you came to see me, it HELPED ME SO MUCH! I needed some giggles and another adult to talk to about this with. And also I know my hubby thanks you for being here for me. He hates not being here and is glad that I have such caring freinds that he knows will be here for me when he is not.
Also to the people that follow this Blog, THANK you for all your emails, they were beautiful and touching! I am glad to know strangers out there care so much for the military families and our struggles.
loves and hugs to each of you-
I have no news yet to share until Thursday after his "meeting" and I will post an update soon as I know something!

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