September 20, 2012

It's just a random post...

[back dated March 31st 2007]Well this is a just random entry for me this morning. I am about to head to Starbucks and Scrap Heaven. A new scrapbook store that opened over by Starbucks and Costco.
I went and checked it out last week and I LOVED it!

So I'm heading over there this morning to grab some new papers-stickers-and a couple themed packages of the beach. Since we have been taking the kids quite often to the North Shore to boogie board I thought I would start a mini-book of their times with daddy. That way when he deploys they can look though it and remember all the fun times they had with him. I have some wonderful pictures of them too. Plus I think I will make doubles of the pictures and let them make their own. Get those creative juices flowing.

Yesterday we were out with the kids. We stopped by the Fun Factory and let them use their VIP cards on some games. Stopped and had ice cream. Went to Wally World and bought a new trampoline for the backyard. Hubby bought a new dart-board. I got some new flowers and a new bbq. We're going to have some cook-outs with my hubby's soldiers and their wives before the guys deploy so I am attempting to make our backyard a nice place to hang out. Not only for us adults but the kids also.

Since we started our own FRG within my hubby's section{long story}. We have 23 soldiers and half with wives/kids. So this could get interesting. LOL. But hey who said I wasn't up for the challenge. I love helping people so doing our own FRG is great for me. I took the FRG leadership classes in Germany and have my certificates, so I am ready. I get to keep the single soldiers families in the loop, the wives to remain calm and informed and just be here if anyone needs anything while their soldier is deployed. And since we have about 10 of these soldier/wives that have not been through a deployment, well they will have tons of questions and want answers. So these cook-outs will be a great way to bring us all together and build the support system before the guys leave for a year! Hence me fixing up the backyard and getting it ready.

Okay well not a lot of time this morning to blog. But I will tomorrow. Since our wonderful President FINALLY decided to go to Walter Reed and see what all the fuse about and*cough* have a photo opt. But hell he already knew our soldiers we're not getting adequate treatment. But that is for tomorrow's blog.

Aloha Saturday. I hope this day finds you in good spirits.
And if your soldier is deployed you will get to hear his voice today.Photobucket

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