September 20, 2012

TimeLine for Iraq? Can this be true-NOT!

{back dated March 29th 2007]On Thursday Senate Democrats presented a bill that passed 50-48 to begin bringing our troops home by March 2008. Now it goes to Bush to sign off on it. But according to our wonderful President he said he will veto everything that comes to him about a timeline for Iraq.

How can he make such bold statements as that?  Does he really think his balls are big enough to just sit there and say hey oh here is a Bill that will bring our troops home next year because this is what the American people want, the congress wants ah fuck that I am going to veto it. Next!

Because why would this President want to do the only good thing he has done while serving the public, bringing our troops home! Oh I remember he has too many interests in Iraq to pull out and FINALLY bring our troops home. Troops can die at any costs to ensure a victory in Iraq. I remember now. Our troops were put into Iraq for one man's war and now when Bush veto this bill, we can FINALLY say warmonger(which those that do not know what this is here you go-someone who is anxious to encourage a people or nation to go to war. Someone that also has selfish motives for going to war or likes war.) Now tell me once Bush veto this Bill he is not a warmonger? And if you believe in this President and the way he is keeping our troops in Iraq you should get informed. Especially if you have a loved one deployed or preparing to deploy. This veto is a smack in your face as a follower to Bush. And I am so glad to be on the other side of that.

Please if you have not gotten informed about what is going in Iraq-DO IT! If your soldier is active military attempt to inform yourself so that you know what is going on so that you can let your voice be heard. So that you do not support this war any longer and help bring our troops home.

Here are a few links I am sharing with you to read in full detail about this Bill. And FYI Bush will try to spin this and try to blame the Dems etc etc but we all know the one to blame I will be BUSH himself for vetoing this Bill!

Now go get informed-



all three links will take you to the story.
Also make sure to follow the Gonzales story, it will get bigger over the next few months to come. Can BUSH do anything right?


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