September 20, 2012

Whao Where Has the Time Gone :(

[back dated March 23rd 2007]I see despite my absence from blogging about the Iraq War it continues to press on. With more troops dying in Iraq than ever. Will this madness ever come to an end before Bush is out of office? I think not. No matter what lies and cover-ups happen Bush is still leading this country and still leading this pointless war in Iraq.
Since I now have a deployment date and know when my soldier will returning, I will be blogging once again on MY FEELINGS and MY OPINIONS on deployment-war-Bush-military life.

So with that said, if you can't handle yourself in a proper matter while coming to visit me and my thoughts please take yourself somewhere else.

As you can see from my side bars I am not a supporter of this war. I support our troops and my soldier. I am not a gung-ho Bush lover and supporter either.

I took a break from this blog because I was getting frustrated with blogging about Bringing Our Troops Home and nothing being done to get them here from the people who can bring them home. But in doing that I have not been keeping my small voice heard and out there for everyone to hear/read.

So I welcome myself back. If you followed me before great, I hope you continue to follow me. If I lost you as a reader, well I am truly sorry. Maybe this blog was not meant to be for you to follow.

If you ready, then let's get blogging!

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