September 20, 2012


[back dated June 30th 2006]How is this for a twist, my soldier asks me "babe what do you think of me being a recruiter?" I was not sure how I should answer him. Did he want to be excited, so he could be excited. Did he want me to say ARE YOU KIDDING ME, which is what I wanted to say. Or was he just looking to see where I stood with the whole thing. Of course he wanted to know where I stood with the whole recruiting thing. So I told him. And after we talked a bit about WHY he would even consider this as an option, I think when his window opens next year, he will be seeing if any recruiting positions are open down South. Yes, you are reading it right down South he is hoping something is open in Mississippi. This would be my soldiers hometown. Born and raised. Now wanting to go back and live for a few years and see if he likes living their as an adult. Said it would be good for the kids. It is not fast paced go-go-go- like in Washington. That I we would love the country. I said you do not have to sell me on the idea. If we can go live down South for a few years and like it, then we will buy land and stay. If not then we move unto another duty station. Simple as that. So no Alaska like I has hoped and no Ft.Lewis like had I hoped. Now we are researching homes in MS and schools in MS. Does anyone reading this blog have an input about MS? If so sound off at the end of the blog and let me know ;-)

I am still letting this new news about becoming a recruiter set in. We get something in place and I think that is the plan, then my soldier comes home and BAM it is something else. But I guess like the military the news is always changing.

I will update as I get updates on our adventures of maybe moving to Mississippi. I will be a city girl living in the country. We shall see how that goes!

Aloha, have a wonderful and safe fourth of July

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