September 20, 2012

So Angry Nothing Seems to Help...

[back dated June 25th 2005] My husband just returned from a funeral. He buried his sister. He was not sure how to handle the whole situation. He still does not really talk too much about it. Is he keeping it inside? Does he just want to deal with his emotions himself? Is this something the military has taught him? Handle it on your own soldier, fight for us but handle anything else on your own. I would hope this is not the reason to my husband not wanting to speak about his feelings on his sisters death.

But this gets me to the point of me being so angry that nothing seems to help. I watched a documentary called: Uncovered-The War on Iraq. It was a controversial documentary which takes you behind the walls of the U.S government as CIA, Pentagon and Foreign Service experts address the government's reasons for launching the "preemptive" war on Iraq 2003. This video got me angry. I am already angry that we talk about impeaching Bush, that we have all this evidence to the cover-ups and betrayals but yet we sit back and let Bush be our commander in chief. WHY? In this particular video you learn of the Neo-Cons(if you do not know who these people are-KNOW THEM)you learn about PNAC(Project for a New Century(learn this also). PNAC will be a sweeping movement that future Presidents that will be coming into office could be the puppets for.

I kept asking myself like I have been asking the past three years, why the hell is Goerge.W Bush in office? This makes me so angry that nothing seems to help.
We have all this information out there now three years after the fact we invaded Iraq, and yet NOTHING gets done to put a stop to this madness.2,500 soldiers dead. More then 18,000 wounded. WHY????

I think to myself does the average American(other then the 60 million plus that already know)what is really behind invading Iraq? Do they just blindly follow our President and not seek out the truth for themselves. Isn't this what we are suppose to do. Question the government, question why our leader sent our husbands to war. The government does not have our best interest in mind, but their own.

Watching this video for more than an hour and half I found myself getting more and more angry, I started even talking back to the t.v. I have to let my soldier go back to this country. Maybe die for this other country. To have a FREE IRAQ. I am so outraged by my soldiers looming date of deployment. It taunts me. It gives me sleepless nights. It consumes my everyday functions. Watching video's like these, which I have watched too many only makes me want to stand on rooftops and shout "WAKE UP AMERICA YOU ARE NOT THIS DUMB!" When will our troops come home?

But I am only one small voice in the bigger picture of things. And I just keep plugging along, doing what I can to make Americans aware of what they voted into office. 
Remember you voted for Bush, I didn't!

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