September 20, 2012

Memorial Day 2006

[back dated May 28th 2006]Tomorrow being Memorial Day last night my soldier and I sat down and watched a good three hours of documentaries on Marines and US Army Soldiers that have been to Iraq. Some came home and some did not make it. We watched a documentary on Marines from Lima Co(OHIO). They lost so many Marines(23)all just last year May 2005. Most to bombs and insurgents. I know I felt my blood boiling watching the Marines actually die in a fight with insurgents or driving their tanks and getting blown up. WHY? All the footage shown was shot by the Marines themselves with their own cameras and equipment. They would then show videos of the families. The moms and dads, wives, friends back home. It was very very sad. One mother went out to get her 18 year old fresh out of high school Marine stuff for his care package, when she arrived home and walked to her door Marines were waiting for her. To tell her that her son would not be coming home. He died in a gun battle by the Syria border. WHY?

Because our President wanted and got his war with Iraq. To topple Saddam and not really go to war with Iraq for what he lead the American public to believe. To send troops by the thousands over to a country that already has been dominated by insurgents and death. Three years after sending troops into Iraq we still have thousands of our troops on the ground. Dying and being wounded. WHY? Bin Ladden is still out there planning terrorist attacks. He has not been found yet, he is the real mastermind. The one that should be toppled. The one we should have caught way before we set our sites on Saddam. But our President said Mission Accomplished but if the mission is accomplished WHY do we have troops by the thousands in Iraq still? I was reminded last night watching these documentaries how upset being in Iraq makes me. How angry I become knowing troops are dying at an alarming rate and being wounded by the thousands. WHY? So many unanswered questions. Questions we will never get answers to.

During one of these shows I felt my husband grab my hand. I felt a little squeeze. Was he telling me thank you for what I went through when the war broke out. Or was he telling me I am glad I made it home to you, to the kids. I was not sure what the hand squeeze meant, but I know it meant something. And when all the shows were finished and we stood up he embraced me. Not our normal hug and I love you. This was like the embrace I received when I saw my soldier for the first time after 18 months of being apart. Then he just looked into my eyes, and I knew. Tears welled up in his eyes. He only said thank you!

While laying in bed last night(of course I could not sleep) all kinds of thoughts flooded my mind. Have I forgotten what is it like to have your soldier in war. To not know if he will make it home to you or not. To be sitting and waiting for an email, a phone call, a letter, anything that let's you know he is okay and SAFE. I think I have forgotten. I got comfortable having my own soldier home, that I have sorta forgotten how it is for all the wives and moms still out there with soldiers deployed. Mine is home for now safe. But so many soldiers are not home. Not safe. Like the American people still not OUTRAGED that we lose soldiers everyday to this stupid pointless war in Iraq. That is destroying lives and ripping families apart. Have they started to forget?

I apologize to anyone out there that has a soldier deployed. I know your pain. I know your longing to have them home. I know the anger late at night when you think nobody cares if your soldier makes it home to you or not. I know the gut wrenching pain you feel when you hear a soldier died and you pray to God your glad it was not your soldier.
Tomorrow being Memorial Day my heart aches for any mother-father-sister-brother-wife or friend that has lost a soldier to the Iraq War. For some of you it is an honor they died for their country and for others is brings nothing but ANGER. If I can only do one thing by having my blog and having you reading it right now that would be to just not go with the flow. Support our troops, yes never stop doing that. But let's just do something as Americans as a HUGE power to BRING THEM HOME. So that the next Memorial Day we are not honoring another 3000 soldiers lives lost to the Iraq War.

May you know that I do not support this war, I always support our troops!

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