October 4, 2012

Make Accordion Folded Rosettes

 12 inch strips of paper-the strips can be any width, those shown in the following steps are approximately 1 1/2 inches*also you can use decorative scissors and cut one side of the paper to give the flower a pretty border*
 score the strip of paper every 1/4 inch
 Now that you have scored the paper, simply fold the first section forward, the next section backwards, and so-on down the piece of paper until you have folded the entire strip.
 glue the ends together and get a small circle or square or any little scrap paper you have lying around
Once you have glued the ends together, the folded circle will want to pop-up and not lay down like a flower. To make it stay in place, you will need to glue the finished piece to your sqaure or circle scrap paper.
 it should look like this :)
 ink the edges of the paper
to complete the flower you will want to add center embellishments. 

 add these to layouts, cards, gift tags, make a flower wreath...the possibilities are endless!

Happy Crafting :)


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