August 7, 2011

Sad Goodbye

Woke up before the alarm went off and got to catch a glimpse of him still sleeping. Man I'm sure going to miss waking up next to him. I can't believe tomorrow when I wake up he won't be here. Watched him pack his backpack, being sneaky he left his cologne on the counter for me. Saw him give his children one last embrace. This would be the last morning with our soldier. He returns to the war zone today. It's hard to put into words the feelings that go through you when you have to say "see you later" to your soldier when you know the place he's returning to puts him back into harms way. This could be the last time you see him, kiss him, hold him, smell him, smile at him, and laugh with him. I held back the tears because I could see my kids were going to cry giving daddy the last hug before he boarded the plane.

It's hard having R&R because you already said your goodbyes and know for the next year you have to be a single parent, you have to be alone without your spouse, you have to do anything and everything by yourself. Then POOF your spouse is back home with you for 2 weeks. And like that they're gone. You have to get use to them being gone again. I'm a military wife this is my life. But it never gets easy seeing your soldier board that plane, each deployment a little harder than the last. I will think of you often today sweetheart as you head back to fight the good fight. I have no idea whats going on in your mind having to return to such a stressful place but know that you have me right here waiting for you return. Come home safe my soldier...your our whole world.


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