September 20, 2012

Bend Over and Take It!

[back dated April 12th 2007]Did you happen to catch the news or read on the internet about the new 15 month deployments for our US Army Soldiers?  Announced Wednesday by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the Army is adding three months to the standard yearlong tour for all active-duty soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, an extraordinary step aimed at maintaining the troop buildup in Baghdad...the troop buildup would last until next April. Army faced harsh choices: Either send units to Iraq with less than 12 months at home, or extend tours. Either way the soldier gets screwed. All this is being done in order to keep the current troop buildup in Baghdad. And why do they need to maintain this level of soldiers, well because four years with our troops on the ground they still have not stabilized Baghdad and do not have the Iraqi government running their own country.....and our soldiers get to be the puppets in this game. It is gut wrenching to think that families are now being forced to endure 15 months of separation, field training which is usually 2-3 months before they deploy and let's not mention being kept in Iraq longer then 15 months.

The longer tours will affect about 100,000 soldiers currently in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus untold thousands more who deploy later. It does not affect the Marine Corps or the National Guard or Reserve. "Our forces are stretched, there's no question about that," Gates said. Interesting that they know our troops are depleted and stretched thin yet they enforce this new 15 month deployment on them. What is the soldier ready to break think about this. Or the couple that has spent their entire marriage apart due to training and deployments back to back, how does that soldier go on. And we thought a lot of marriages were failing now I can hardly wait to see what this new stress adds to our military marriages and lives. It is already hard enough maintaining a 12 month separation and keep the flames alive now add another three-six more months to that. To top it off the stress of not knowing if your soldier will make it home to you. I expect a lot of wives will become deeply depressed and frustrated and that will most likely lead to alot of children being caught in the middle. One huge change like this 15 month deployment spirals into bigger things for the military families.

Some of you out their are saying well look at the good part of this your soldier gets an extra 1,000 a month for every month he stays past 12 months. Well whoop de fucking do. Hey soldier risk your life beyond 12 months and we are going to reward you with 1,000 a month. What soldier wouldn't want that right? Average out what our soldiers make per day and what they have to endure to make this missilery extra pay and then tell me if paying our men and women an extra 1,000 a month is a good thing. How can anyone even mumble words like this anymore?

Well I am not going to go on and go about this. It gets me highly upset. But just know that if your loved one was being played like a pawn in chess game you too would be upset. I will be blogging more about this subject in a later entry.

Please go get informed about Iraq and what is happening. It really effects us all and all our communities.

And remember when you see a soldier in uniform tell him Thank-You and and shake his hand.

Many Alohas

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