September 20, 2012

Rambling Again...

[back dated April 15th 2007]I am seriously torn right now on what to do with this upcoming 17+ month deployment my soldier is about to embark on. Do we stay here on the island and wait it out? Do we go back home to Wa State and surround ourselves with family, and hope they give my soldier Ft.Lewis so we can just stay their once he returns from deployment? If we move will it better then if we stay here? So many things to think about. My soldiers re-enlistment window is open and will he re-up downrange and get the big sign on bonus or decide to get out and use his teaching degree to start teaching? And if he does re-up would he be sent to Afghanistan right after deployment from Iraq? Is that really worth it, to re-enlist? So many questions with no answers yet. I feel like I am going to explode.

We were sitting at dinner the other, just my husband and I eating dinner when he mentioned to me that someone higher up asked him if he was considering going  green to gold. I said really wow, I too have been wondering that. Since he is already in the process of dropping his warrant packet I thought why isn't he going green to gold. Their is so much room for advancement. So when he got finished telling me what he thought I just left that conversation with whatever he feels he wants to do I will support him. If he wants to remain in and be a lifer then go green to gold. If he wants to get out after this deployment and start teaching then do that. I back him 100% in whatever he wants to do. It was just odd hearing him say that to me when I was thinking it. Must means he is doing something right for his bosses to take notice on his abilities and want him to become a WO or LT.
I will blog the progress of that once he deploys and calls me with the news about what he is going to decide to do.

Meanwhile I will wait and continue to rack my brain on if we should remain here or go home. I already did the pro and con list, that did not help. So I guess the decision will just come to me one day. And I will know the right thing to do.

If it is not one thing then it is another. Just the life of being a military wife.

Many alohas

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