September 20, 2012

My OWN Scrap Store

It is a Sunday afternoon here on the island. We have the sun shining and we have the warm rains coming down. Makes for some lovely rainbows. I attempted to take some pictures but you can not see the sun and rain together. But believe me it is gorgeous.

[back dated April 15th 2007]So what is happening with all of us today. Let's see. My son had his friend over for a sleepover so they are upstairs playing the ps2, nothing new as they are always up their doing that. My daughter(teen) is on her computer which means we won't see her all day unless she needs to eat or drink something-lol. Our little one is trying to bug the boys and play with them but they aren't having that so I think I will take her shopping with me which is what I am going to do today since my hubby is going to play his 360'. I did however get to sleep in and woke to hubby putting away the dishes and loading the dishwasher. He even made waffles and attempted making my coffee-lmao which was sooooo gross....That was nice though.((thanks babe, it is the little things that mean the most to me))

Yesterday my teen and I went and had Starbucks over by Scrap Heaven so of course we stopped in and spent an hour looking at everything. I picked up some new elements-huge cute paperclips with some gorgeous flowers that will be perfect to scrap about my teen. I let her pick out some papers to go with them and we picked up some Aloha stuff to scrap about our adventures here. I also picked up a couple mini albums one pick and one blue. Then I got to thinking about opening my own store front again. I thought if my soldier decides to re-up and they give him a nice bonus I may ask him to invest 5-6 thousand in my own scrap store if we decide to move back home. I mean really, this would be a wonderful thing to do with a nice chunk of the money and it would give me something to do that I absolutely love. Scrapbooking and drinking coffee LOVE LOVE LOVE

So last night after my hubby's and I date night I stayed up late on the internet researching wholesalers and contacting companies to receive catty's so I can start mapping out my store costs. I also need to contact my father and ask him if I can use his expertise in carpentry to help me build a couple counters and tables and shelves and maybe knock out some walls and whatnot for my store. I also have to find a place to rent/lease in the area we are looking to move, which I know is a little town on the outskirts of Ft.Lewis. So I have a lot planning/budgeting to do but this is something I would love to try. Both my mother and grandmother opened their own stores and did okay, now I think I want to try. Just follow me along here I am always changing my mind and going back and forth back and forth. But lifes an adventure and I am here for the ride.

Well lunch is about to arrive so I will get off here.
Thanks for stopping by today and visiting me.
Enjoy your day whatever you do today.
Many Aloha's

see I don't ALWAYS blog about how much I hate BUSH and the war in Iraq ;-)

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