August 11, 2011

Who's The Boss?

Look at those gorgeous baby blues eyes, where did my little baby girl go? And who is this person you've become? Yes I admit it, I have a strong willed child. Some days she drives me crazy and I feel that there is no way to get through to her! My daughter does things that seem like nothing to her but it is a huge deal to me! Her little brain looks at things differently than me and not because I am an adult but she also sees things different than other children her age. I need to figure out how to discipline her right because some of my discipline strategies that I've used in the past do not work for her. I also now know that I am not alone when I feel that it is me doing something wrong (which it’s not). I just want peace and harmony in this house and I'm tired of butting heads with her everyday. I admit I see a lot of myself in my daughter and I have just as much determination to win the argument as she does. It always becomes a stand off who can last the longest,  only after hours and hours of me sticking to my ground and her sticking to hers I get what I was asking for from her in the first place. It's extinguishing! You’ve probably heard the phrase, “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry?” Well there have many times I just bust out laughing because I'm on the brink of tears. I’ve been consistent, implemented immediate consequences, talked to her about ground rules during peaceful moments, not given into her tantrums, and many other things. I have read many books about discipline and strong-willed children, and learned quite a bit. Still, at this stage she feels like a hearty scream is the best way to express herself when she doesn’t get her way.

The definition of a strong willed child is [a child] “having a determined will”. (The Free Dictionary). These children present themselves as very needy of praise and cuddling, as very passionate and as having a strong drive for perfection. Here's my definition of a strong willed child is one who will test his/her parents over and over again to see how much they will give in. They just don't give up and they will see how long it takes to get away with something and wear you down!

I'm determined to get this parenting down with her so that we can live in harmony, even if it's within her harmony. As long I can figure this out before she becomes a teenager and HATES me.


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