September 12, 2011

Hinge Binding Mini Album

I was YOUtubbing again tonight looking for new ways to bind a mini album and came across this neat idea so I thought I'd try! When your done making the album it kinda looks like a book. I like this technique, I think I will have to do a few more to see if it's a keeper. Pretty easy to do. Plus you have TONS of pockets for pictures and tags. I will post the finished album tomorrow when it's done. I took pictures as I did each step [minus the cutting of the paper bags which I always cut 6 inches] I posted the pictures below but if your anything like me you must also watch the video so just for you here it is---->Hinge Technique For Scrapbook Album 
Let me know if you ever try this technique and what you thought of it. I get tired of doing ribbons, using my cinch, and punching holes...this was a fun new way to bind the album together!
*side note, you can make these bindings from 1-12 inches long depending on what size album your making*
Happy Scrapping ;)
 cut 2 inch card stock and then score it down the center and give it a fold
 put glue on each side of the fold
 add your cut paper bags to each side of the fold where you just placed the glue
 cut a 3 inch piece of card stock and score it on both sides,  don't forget to fold the scores...this will become your cover so to speak to hide all the paper bags you just binded
 wallah the finished hinge technique...see it sorta looks like a book, doesn't it?
 now look at all the room for pictures, tags, envelopes etc...can't wait to decorate this!


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