August 31, 2011

This and That Weds

Working on a fresh and fruity jounral for my youngest daughter. I've been making mini albums, recipe books, and jounrals the past week so she came into my craft room tonight and asked if I could make her one. So just like that I cut out some chipboard and punched holes in it and began making her a journal. It's going to be adorable because the paper and die cuts are way too cute. Will post pictures when I am finished with it along with a tut on how to make your own journal[s].

Sears opened their Hero's At Home Registry today for 2011and I was one of the lucky ones to get in again. It opens and closes VERY quickly. You have to be waiting online for them to open it get in and get out before they close it. Yes, it goes that rapidly. If you're not quite sure what this program is click here to find out Hero's At Home! Now that you know don't forget next year to get yourself registered.

Tomorrow I will officially be caught up on orders then starting a few new ones. Broke out my sewing machine finally after how many months and started my daughter's pocket purse out of her dad's ACU uniform, so far it looks like it might be a winner. I will see once I get it all sewn and and add a few details. Might offer 4 of these on my store. Adorable little girl's purse. Having a piece of daddy with them. If I only had a glorious embroidery machine I could do my own name tapes and add customized lettering to the purse. Some day some day. That's a big ticket item I'm not ready to invest in, yet!

This is day 2 of eating healthy and so far so good. I just have to remember to take pictures of our dinners. Note to self take pictures of dinner. There now I will remember.  Tonight was pretty boring actually. Corn on cob, steam broccoli spears, sweet potatoes chucks and chipotle chicken tenders--->got the yummy chicken recipe from this blog Faithfulness Farm. That recipe is going to be a keeper! Tomorrow I'm getting daring and making cauliflower mash, chickpea burgers, and sweet potato fries-man sure hope the kids like it.

Off to do my daily challenge and drink the rest of my water for the day. So far tracking my food intake has lead to a few pounds being lost. That pretty much made my entire day when I got off the scale this morning. I think making sure I eat 3 times a day and include a snack has helped. I'm not sure yet. But think I've truly found my workout/eating plan that works best for me. Let's see what the scale says next Weds. Found a inspirational quote I printed off and put in my craft room: 

We can't go back and redo anything that happened...But we can make better choices today! Just remember a NEW chance everyday!


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