October 28, 2011

Quick Simple Mini Album

You are never going to believe what I made out of...TOILET PAPER ROLLS! Yes, your reading it right I said toilet paper rolls. There is nothing like recycling those lovely rolls for a project handmade from the heart! So basically the project today is going to be mostly self explanatory but hopefully inspirational! I included everything you need to this project and you can also YOUTUBE toilet paper roll mini's, there are tons of how to video's. This was so much fun and so quick to make. Literally took me all of 30 mins. I just need to decorate each page now. I love this idea.

What you need to get this mini album started:
* 4 toilet paper rolls...flatten them so they look like the picture below
* decorate front and back with patterned paper and embellishments.
* Create 4 tags to go inside the toilet rolls(add patterned paper to these as well but you may choose to leave these without embellishments, it's up to you)add ribbon or tabs to the tags so you can pull them out!
* you can make more pages but they are kinda bulky so maybe up to 6 at a time per binding, depends how you will bind them. I used my cinch, you can use ribbon or a metal ring. 


Happy Scrapping :)

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