December 13, 2011

Candy Cane Bark

 all you need is white chips, candy canes and wax paper
 melt down the white chips and pour them unto a lined cookie sheet with wax paper, mix in the crushed candy canes
 put in the fridge for 45 mins then break into pieces.

Did not have time to bake cookies tonight. I had to get my son ready to start basketball tomorrow so we spent quite a bit of time at the mall this evening trying on shoes, getting his hair cut, and trying on shorts. So I did a quick batch of candy cane bark. Man that is so quick to make. I also tried these chocolate chip cookie bowls for the kids took all but 10 minutes and they turned out fantastic. The kids filled them with cookie dough ice cream, they loved them. Tomorrow I will do a double batch of cookies. Happy Baking ;)

 took already made cookie dough and spread it on the bottom of a muffin pan[just flip your muffin over]baked for about 10 mins at 365'
 let them cool and they came right off the pan, scooped in the kids ice cream :)


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