July 11, 2011

May 22, 2009

a[[BLAH]]blog!  Ok my husband FINALLY got his orders on Weds. However instead of the orders saying report to Kaiserslautern, they say he is reporting to BAUMHOLDER! We have already been to Baumholder in 2005.  This is not a bitch rant blog just a frustration one. Frustrated because we wanted to be in a different place in Germany, live in a different place and have new experiences. Now we are going back to a place we know, a place we have experienced. It doesn't feel as exciting as going to a new base.  I will admit I have some GREAT friends still in Baumholder{{Magi-Gina-Krisiti-Jeanette}}and I'm looking forward to seeing them. And it is true we know the lay of the land so that makes it easier. But I really wanted to go somewhere else.  I will keep looking at this from a optimistic view point. Keep saying hey why are you complaining you will be living back in Germany. You get to see some fantastic places that most only dream of.  Blah blah blah to my husbands orders! Wish they would have said Ktown but you get what you get and you dont throw a fit-right?  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend-----DON'T forget to remember our military!  Lots of bbq's and get together's but remember the real meaning of this holiday <3

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